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Fairfax Exteriors is a local business that helps clients in northern VA protect their homes externally. You can trust Fairfax Exteriors when you need professional cleaning services and exterior maintenance. We are one of the oldest cleaning companies in the northern and outer regions of Virginia, the most experienced and sought after.


We specialize in removing contaminants from the exterior of your houses. Dirt , dust, debris and other bacteria on your roof, as well as many different other surfaces, are growing over time. This decreases the aesthetic value and brings down the property price. Pressure washing periodically removes the dirt. We provide various cleaning techniques to clean your house, and places such as roof, gutters, siding, porch, driveway, walkway, windows, decks, fences, etc.


Pressure cleaning of the surface does not only remove stain but removes algae, lichens and weeds that might have grown on the surface of the pavements. Our cleaning solution utilizes water-based, environment-friendly chemicals for dirt and muck breaking down, bug nests and webs. The solution also destroys the areas of mold , mildew, algas and microorganisms – making the exterior of your house clean as well as sterilized.


We can clean the exterior surfaces of your home without the conventional blowing and blasting of forced cleaning by using the surface treatment and cleaning method of Fairfax exteriores. You don’t have to worry about water loss, disruptions, surface damage and high non-renewable fuel use due to our cleaning process. Through the use of the very reliable 100 % biodegradable, non-hazardous chemical cleaning system from cleaning Systems, Fairfax Exteriors promises excellent results and a 99.9 percent success rate over mold, fungi , algae, bacteria, and lichens. Pressure washing lasts up to 6 times longer than regular power washing. Call us today to know more.

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