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Are you looking for exterior maintenance for your home in Alexandria, VA? Fairfax is one one stop solution for overall exterior cleaning, maintenance and keeping your house Alexandria house beautiful. When you have a clean and beautiful home, it increases your property value and keeps you happy.

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Gutter Cleaning In Alexandria

When you have dirty gutters that are blocking proper drainage of rainwater from your roof, cleaning the gutters can help. When you have gutters that have debris, leaves, twigs and other things stuck in it, we will clean it safely.

Roof Cleaning In Alexandria

We will clean your roof with proper safety equipment. We will remove fallen debris, broken tiles, loose shingles, moss, algae, fungus, mold, moss and other things that make it dirty. When you clean the roof it makes your house look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Pressure Washing In Alexandria

Pressure washing will clean all the hard surfaces such as concrete, masonry, fences, walls and various other things that might otherwise take a long time. Our team has all the necessary equipment for pressure washing the exterior of your house for thorough cleaning.

Window Washing In Alexandria

When you have hard to reach windows, cleaning them can be quite the headache. At Fairfax Exteriors we will reach high windows and clean the grass to make it look flawless, remove all the accumulated dirt and increase visibility.

Concrete Cleaning In Alexandria

We clean all kinds of concrete surfaces from concrete porches to concrete driveways. When you have a discolored concrete surface, we can remove all the stains and discoloration from it.

Deck Cleaning In Alexandria

If your decks are dirty, it will look bad and make your house look dirty. Decks can become dirty for many reasons, from fallen twigs and debris from trees to dirty mold and mildew growth on it. We will be able apply various methods such as power washing to clean the wooden surface of the deck without harming it.

Brick & Masonry Cleaning In Alexandria

We also clean Brick and Masonry work with proper equipment. Our team has all the necessary equipment and knowledge to clean brick and masonry pavements and walls.

Pre-Painting Washing In Alexandria

Pre-painting can help you prepare surfaces for painting. It will remove dirt and loose muck from the surface so paint sticks to it better. Our team will bring all the necessary equipment to wash walls, fences or any other surface to prepare it for painting before the application of paint.

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