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Fairfax Exteriors is your local company providing quality cleaning services for the exterior of your home in Arlington, VA. We clean various exterior components of your house, from your walls to your fences to your pavements and many more. A clean exterior puts a good impression of you on others and makes your house look more organised.

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Gutter Cleaning In Arlington

Gutters save your building from water when the rain water pours down the roof. Without gutter or damaged gutter the water will destroy the exterior walls, and damage it. Cleaning the gutters is work of a professional, that’s why Fairfax Exterior provides thorough cleaning service for your gutters. We will remove all the leaves, twigs and other debris from your gutters.

Roof Cleaning In Arlington

Roof cleaning services increase the longevity of your roof. Your roof will sag, rot and become water damaged if you don’t clean it regularly. Things such as moss, mold, algae often soak in water and retain it, it will speed up the process of rotting in your roof and destroy it. Our team will clean your roof and make it look perfect.

Pressure Washing In Arlington

Pressure washing is one of the best ways of exterior cleaning for houses and businesses. It can clean any hard surface without destroying. With pressure washers we can clean years of dirt accumulation, hard to clean pavements, fences, decks and other such places.

Window Washing In Arlington

If you have dirty windows, it will make your house look dirty and old from outside, from inside it will prevent natural light from coming in. Most of the time cleaning dirty windows is not possible for homeowners, because it’s hard to reach the place. We will clean your windows with proper cleaning methods and remove all the traces of dirt.

Concrete Cleaning In Arlington

Concrete is one of the hardest surfaces to clean. Since concrete goes through a lot, takes up a lot of dirt, grime and muck, cleaning is a heavy duty work. With pressure washing techniques will remove the dirt trapped into the cracks of the concrete, the mold, moss and algae growth of the top and make it look brand new again.

Deck Cleaning In Arlington

We will clean your beautiful looking decks to clean it’s actual beauty. We will clean the stains, remove peeling paint, algae growth, mold and lichen growth as week. With the use of pressure washing technique as well as usage of proper non-toxic cleaning solution we make sure the algae and lichens don’t appear on deck again.

Brick & Masonry Cleaning In Arlington

We clean Brick and masonry work in your house. Brick and masonry work looks beautiful but they are hard to clean. If you need a company that specialises in brick and masonry cleaning, give us a call.

Pre-Painting Washing In Arlington 

Pre-painting washing will cover cleaning of all the surfaces before coating it with paint, which may include walls, fences, decks, etc.

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