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If your outdoor pavement is made of Brick or Masonry, it can be daunting to clean it. Improper methods can cause erosion and loosening of the brick or masonry work slabs.

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Brick and Masonry pavements look elegant and luxurious, they have a uniqueness in them that normal concrete floors don’t have. The issue is cleaning masonry and brick pavements. We have years of experience in safely cleaning brick and Masonry work. We will study the surface and plan out the best course of action for cleaning it. We don’t want to wash away the sand or soil holding the brick or masonry work pavement. We can use blasting technique which doesn’t wash away the soil, or sand while cleaning the dirt or grime on the surface of the brick or masonry work.

If the mason work is safe to be power washed, we can use the power washing technique as well but mostly we use brick blasting technique. We can remove the grass that grows between the bricks, the grime or moss that grows over the brick, the algae that develops in the masonry. Effective cleaning will ensure your pavement looks clean and beautiful for years to come. Regular maintenance can keep your pavements, porches and masonry driveways always looking good. Fairfax Exteriors are known for their effective cleaning methods, and safe techniques. We believe in cleaning your masonry work that leaves your brick surface looking beautiful.

Do not let dirty outdoors bring the beauty of your house done. Having a clean porch or pavement will definitely increase the property value and make your house look beautiful. It will prevent the masonry from getting damaged from lichens and algae. It will also make the pavement more safe to walk, removing algae that can make your pavement slippery. With protective spray at the end we will prevent moss, grass and other weeds from growing in your masonry. Also it will prevent dirt accumulation for a long time.

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Fairfax Exteriors not only clean masonry and brick pavement, they can clean fireplaces, retaining walls, and other types of masonry. We are careful with the way we perform our cleaning services. We want to be thorough with our cleaning but we make sure not to harm the masonry work or damage in some way. Call us for free estimates. We are available on weekends if you want us to work on the weekends.


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