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Is your concrete surfaces around the house or business location dirty? Fairfax Exteriors will clean your concrete outdoor surfaces with effective pressure washing methods.

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Concrete surfaces, whether it’s driveway, porch, walkway, or any other exterior surface go through a lot. Rainwater, sunlight, changing temperature , outdoor dirt and soil tend to leave stains on concrete that are hard to remove from household cleaning equipment. Also, it will take a lot of time, and back pain to scrub off stains off concrete floors. Concrete surfaces often develop lichens, algae, moss, grass, and mold on it. It discolors the concrete surface and makes it look dirty and old.

If your exterior concrete surface is so dirty and worn out, it will bring the aesthetics of your house or business down. It can also be very dangerous to walk or drive during rain. Algae makes concrete surfaces slippery, your car tyres might skid, you might slip and fall while walking on a wet concrete floor if it is covered with algae and lichens.

Many houses don’t give concrete cleaning the importance it needs. They will put off cleaning their concrete surfaces for years until some accidents happen. If you don’t want to get sued for not taking care of slippery concrete, you should get effective cleaning for your dirty and algae ridden concrete surfaces. Do not let discolored concrete surface bring down the beauty of your house and put a bad impression of you on others. Let Fairfax Exterior clean your concrete porch, concrete driveways and other concrete pavements with pressure washing equipment. It uses high pressure water to remove any dirt, muck or greece from the surface of the concrete with ease.

Our pressure washers can remove algae, lichens, moss, grass, and mold from the surface of the concrete. It will restore the original color of the concrete surface without using ant toxic blessing agents. Pressure washing is relatively safe, environmentally friendly and an easier cleaning process. Fairfax Exteriors have all the necessary equipment to pressure wash concrete surfaces with ease. With professionals cleaning, you can have concrete surfaces that look brand new and increase the aesthetics of your house.

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