Why Is My Exterior House Wall Turning Green?

Your exterior wall or siding may turn green due to mold development. Mold, or mildew grows rapidly when there is enough moisture present. It will discolor your exterior wall by layering over it. The mold has a green color which gives your wall a green moldy look. Pressure washing and treating your wall can solve the issue.

Will Pressure Washing Wash Away My Grass?

The thing with pressure washing is, the power of the pressure washer can be altered. If you need weed grass to be removed, pressure washers can remove it, while if you need the pressure washer doesn’t touch the grass on your lawn or between the masonry, we don’t harm it.

How Is Pressure Washing Different From Power Washing?

Pressure washing can be used on wood and other softer material without harming the surface. Whereas power washing is for more rougher wash. It used a high powered water stream to clean stubborn stains and dirt from solid surfaces.

Does Pressure Washing Save Water?

Yes, it is much more water efficient than many other cleaning techniques. It uses minimum water and non-toxic material to clean surfaces.

What Are The Things You Clean In Overall House Cleaning?

We clean almost everything in the exterior of your house. We will clean your roof, gutters, siding, porch, driveway, walkway, windows, decks, fences, etc.

How Often Should I Clean My House?

Once in two years is enough. Your house doesn’t take up dirt as fast as many companies claim. You can visibility see the dirt and you will know you need cleaning.

What Are The Black Streaks On My Roof?

When your roof has algae growth, which is quite damaging for your roof, you see the balck steaks. Let us know when you see them, we will remove them with proper roof cleaning.

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