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Your gutter performs the very important job of protecting your house from rain water. Rain water pours down the roof to the gutters and away from the exterior walls and the foundation of the house.

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If your gutter system doesn’t work the way they should you will notice gutters overflowing or the water ;eaking to the sides of the walls and the foundation of the house. Water is one of the most damaging materials for your house. It speeds up the weather process, causes mold growth, brings down the energy efficiency of the house, speeds up the rotting and rusting process. The gutters system effectively traps the water and pours it down on the pipes that drain in away from the house.

Gutters tend to get dirty a lot. Whenever rain pours down the roofs that take leaves, twigs and other material with it down the gutters. These things can block the gutters and make it ineffective in removing water. Debris can also make your gutter weight down and get damaged. Your gutter will sag, might even break off from heavy pressure. Leaks can worsen the damage. It can trickle down the gutter onto the fascia board and down the wall. If this happens for a long time, water can be soaked into your siding and exterior wall. It will compromise the structural integrity of the siding and the insulation of the house. Water can make paint peel of the surface of the exterior walls and make it look old and dirty.

Fairfax Exteriors are professionals exterior maintenance company who are experts in gutters cleaning. Call us and we will come for your service as soon as possible. We have all the necessary equipment and safety measures to take care of your gutters. Climbing on the roof is not safe without a safety harness, especially if it is wet. Our team is fully equipped with a safety harness, rakes and other devices to clean the gutters, scrub off the stains, rusting parts and make it look brand new. With proper cleaning, your gutter would perform better and would be able to eliminate water effectively. Our team has helped thousands of homeowners and business owners clean their gutters without damaging their property. We are professionals with our work and take great care of your property in the whole process.

Keeping your gutters clean not only helps to drain water away water from your house, it also helps to make your house look aesthetically beautiful. Proper cleaning will make your house look clean, prevent water damage and save money on overall repair and siding damage costs.

If you’ve recently had bad weather and you fear your gutters have built up debris, call us. Do not try to climb the roof and try to take a look by yourself. Roofs can be quite dangerous, every year hundreds of accidents happen from falling and slipping off roofs. Our team will be prompt with their response when you want us to inspect your gutters. We will come on time and provide a thorough inspection for your roof. Cleaning the gutters before the rain season can prevent water damage, sagging gutters and lower the chances of your getting damaged. Although our company provides services all year long, we recommend you get your gutters clean with the rains.

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Fairfax Exterior is a licensed and insured company with more than 30 years of experience. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to their customers. We are polite and punctual. Our aim is to provide affordable and high quality work that will satisfy our customers. If you notice your gutters sagging from the weight of debris or water logging, your downspouts are blocked, do not wait to call us. Call us immediately to get help on time before your house exterior walls get damaged from water. Proper maintenance and cleaning will save your gutters from expensive repairs and replacement. Invest your money on cleaning, we promise to provide you the service you deserve. Fairfax Exteriors provide free estimates with all of their service. Call us to get more details.


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