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No matter what you are planning to paint, whether it’s your exterior walls, fences or some other surface, washing the surface is essential for the paint to be durable.

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Thorough cleaning will remove all the loose dirt that makes the paint not stick to the surface. If you simply start to apply paint before prepping or washing the surface, wall or any other part of the house, you will notice the paint start to peel away in a few days. You might notice inconsistencies in the painted surface when you don’t take care of cleaning or prepping the surface well. Any painter will suggest you thoroughly wash the walls before you start to paint it. Many painting companies don’t bother washing your walls because it’s not their job to wash. So, it’s your responsibility to get it done, so you don’t face the issue of having an unreliable painted surface.

Fairfax provides careful pre-painting for walls, wood and other surfaces. We have tools and professional cleaners with proper equipment to carry on the washing process. Our team will wipe walls with sponge if that is what is needed, we can pressure wash fences for a thorough cleaning, we can power wash to remove old peeling paint. It can remove dirt and old wallpaper and other inconsistencies on the wall that will make the painted surface look ugly. Proper washing can remove mold, stains, crayon marks and other colors that can show up or discolor the paint that would be applied on the top. Mold should be especially cleaned off and dried from the surface if you want the paint to stay durable and not peel off. Firefox Exterior takes great care of pre-painting washing for their clients.

We use not one but various methods that are customised for your specific wall and the kind of paint you will be applying. We may or may not use chemicals to clean the surface depending on what the instruction on the paint says. We can scrub or simply wipe the dust off. We can use blatter if that is what is required or power wash if that would do the trick. Call us for a visit to talk about pre-cleaning washing for your house.

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We understand how important aesthetics are for a house, that’s why our service is always done perfectly. You can trust with only the best when it comes to professional cleaning.


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