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Are you looking to get roofs cleaned? Roof is one of the first things anyone will notice about your house or commercial building. Fairfax Exteriors provides premium roof cleaning services for homeowners and business managers.

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Roofs go through a lot everyday. Water, sunlight, humidity, extreme temperatures can cause mold, licences, algae and moss to grow on the surface of the roof. Shingle and tile roofs tend to have more moss and mold problems because of water retention. The limestone of the shingle and the material of the tile can be a great food source for algae and fungus. They will thrive on it if not taken care of in time. Mold and lichen growth make your roof look old and worn down. They also speed up the process of rotting in the wooden parts of the roof, the aciding from lichens can damage your roof, discolor it and make it look old. Our roof cleaning team will remove the moss, lichens, mold and algae from the roof and make it look new and beautiful. We will restore the aesthetic of the roof for sure. We are professional the way we work, you can expect the absolute best from us and nothing less. We take safety seriously, we understand the dangers of climbing a roof and cleaning it. For effective cleaning we provide our workers with proper safety gears. They have proper tools and training to carry on the cleaning.

Cleaning your roof is one of the most important parts of roof maintenance. The shingle and tiles or other type of roof material can be thoroughly clean and made to look brand new by our team. Proper cleaning can increase the longevity of your roof. It can make the roof look vibrant and increase the energy efficiency of the roof. It will prevent expensive repairs and make your roof more durable.

A dirty roof will rot your roof faster, if you keep proponing the maintenance you might end up having to face leaks that would need thousands of dollars to fix or worse having to replace the whole roof. A bad roof causes leaking and water to trickle down the sides of the wall, damaging your ceiling and causing molds to grow on it.

If you think you can clean your roof by yourself, think again. Professionals have the proper tools, training and safety gear to carry on the work the right way. With proper tools you might end up hurting yourself. Moreover, you wouldn’t get as good of a result from professional cleaning as from a DIY job. As professionals who have been cleaning roofs for more than 30 years, we understand the importance of using non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods to remove algae, lichens and moss. We will also treat your roof so the fungus doesn’t appear on your roof for the next few years.

We will remove debris from trees such as leaves, branches, twigs, and fallen off fruits. We will remove stains from mold, fungus, bird dropping and fruits fallen on the roof. We will take care of dirty gutters. If your gutters are clogged water drainage will be ineffective. With proper cleaning you can be assured that your exterior walls and building foundation is safe from water damage.

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We are a licensed and insured company with more than 30 years of experience in exterior cleaning which includes roofs and gutters. WE work with some of the most dedicated team of people who will clean your roof to make it look new and aesthetically pleasing. We believe in giving your clean roof that will not attract negative attention and bring down your reputation.

Your roof is exposed to the elements everyday. If you want to increase the aesthetic beauty as well as the property value of your house, cleaning your roof is absolutely necessary. Fairfax Exteriors provides you affordable roof cleaning services. Our team is dedicated to give you 100% customer satisfaction while being polite. Don’t let your old and dirty roof bring down the beauty of your home or commercial building. Invest in professional roof maintenance and cleaning. We provide free roof cleaning services, give us a call today.


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