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Windows are among the first elements in a house, apartment or building that people see. Regrettably, many forget how critical clean windows are. They can bring down the aesthetic value of your house, if you let the dust build up.

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The glass gets scratches and the visibility decreases. Cleaned windows will make a big difference on a regular basis. The clean windows, from improved comfort to an increased overall appearance, offer many benefits. Cleaning the window helps make natural light possible. It makes the inside as well as the outside look nice. Accumulation of contaminants can lead to oxidation, hard mineral, acid rain, paints and sprays, which prevent natural light from entering the structure. Glasses tend to take up water stains that are hard to remove especially if you don’t have access to the outside. Temporarily glasses in windows are generally made dull. This makes it dark in your home or office. Professional window cleaning of windows by Fairfax Exteriors can help eliminate chemicals and pollutants that have accumulated on the glass to facilitate natural penetration of light. Not only does this aspect help to make your office and home look great, it also adds warmth and makes room space more appealing.

Whether you are living in a flat or in a house for millions of dollars Fairfax Exteriors understands your needs. It is more critical than ensuring that the cleaning professionals are trustworthy when you employ a window cleaning and a pressure washing company to service your home. With over 30 years of experience in home cleaning and washing of doors and windows, we are confident that your workmanship, honesty and integrity are never before completed. We are licensed and certified exterior cleaning that will safely clean your windows without harming it. We use methods that are safe for your windows and effective in proper cleaning. You can be assured you are getting effective service at an affordable price.

We understand that dirt , dust and contaminants tend to accumulate over time on the windows if not maintained regularly. It can bring down the overall look of your house. If you are trying to sell your house, having a dirty exterior can lower the selling price. Not only does this make the window dull, it increases allergic growth, which can cause allergic reactions, skin problems, and breathing problems. However, Fairfax Exteriors cleans your windows to help to improve the overall image of your house as well as remove dirt, grim and allergens that can cause serious problems in your health. We can use pressure washing technique or manual cleaning, whatever is more effective. We will reach the window wearing proper harnesses. Our team is trained to clean windows safely.

Do you live in a high rise building? If your apartment is in a high rise building and you have no way of cleaning the outside, we can help. Fairfax Exteriors will clean windows of High-rise buildings to make your home look cleaner.Natural light can enter the house properly from clean windows. By exposing your skin to natural sunlight, the most effective and best way to get vitamin D. Clean and dust free windows will allow more light to enter, which will enable your body to synthesize vitamin D more effectively by properly cleaning your windows.

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You need to make sure your windows are washed twice a year by professionals if you want it to last a long time. Studies have shown that windows which are regularly cleaned last longer than windows which do not. Why do you ask? Dust tends to wear off the glass surface. It forms tiny scratches on the surface whenever wind blows. The glass is normally weaker by environmental contaminants such as harsh water, oxidation, and an acid. However Fairfax Exteriors will perform a thorough cleaning, which will remove the contaminants. Our cleaning will remove water stains, dust, windows and the surrounding areas. You will see a shiny and clean surface that helps to get natural light inside the house.

Our team is qualified in the boatswain chair, harness and ladder work. We can easily access the windows on the second floor as well as the attic from outside. Our lift truck makes it possible for us to clean windows in the high rise buildings that are difficult to access. Give us a call for free estimates.


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