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We provide exterior cleaning for houses in Woodbridge, VA. When you have a dirty exterior and need professional, fast and effective cleaning services, you have got us. We have been Woodbridges reliable exterior cleaning operating in the local area for years now. Our team is dedicated to restoring the original beauty of your house by reliable cleaning methods.

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Gutter Cleaning In Woodbridge

Gutters perform the critical function of shielding your home from rain water. Storm water pours down the roof to the ribs and off the exterior walls and building floor. Fairfax Exteriors providers in home cleaning facilities. Call us and, as soon as possible, we will be there for your service. In order to care for your gutters, we have all required tools and safety steps.

Roof Cleaning In Woodbridge

The roof is one of the first things noticed by someone about your building or company. For homeowners and company administrators, Fairfax Exteriors offers premium roof cleaning services. We have over 30 years ‘ experience in outdoor cleaning like roofs and gutters, a licensed and insured service.

Pressure Washing In Woodbridge

Pressure washing is much more effective than other cleaning techniques. The water or toxic chemicals are not as relevant. It is very convenient and quicker. Our team will have all the pressurized washing equipment available to fully clean the outside of your home. We will provide professional pressure washing service at Fairfax Exteriors.

Window Washing In Woodbridge

Glasses tend to take water stains, particularly if you do not have access to the outside, and have stains that are difficult to remove. Fairfax Exteriors can help to remove contaminants and dirt deposited on the glass for years with proper cleaning technique.

Concrete Cleaning In Woodbridge 

When you have a dirty concrete surface that is discolored by years of accumulation of dirt, weathered, and has developed mold, moss and lichens, you know you need to clean it. We will provide reliable cleaning methods for your concrete cleaning surface.

Deck Cleaning In Woodbridge

Deck cleaning includes removing stains, cleaning algae, mold and lichens from the surface and making it ready for painting if needed. When you clean the deck, it increases its longevity.

Brick & Masonry Cleaning In Woodbridge 

Cleaning brick and masonry can be tricky to clean but with a professional exterior cleaning company the work is done right.

Pre-Painting Washing In Woodbridge 

For walls, wood and other objects, Fairfax offers thorough pre painting. We have skilled machines and cleaners with suitable washing equipment. If this is required, our team will clean walls with sponge.

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